Four months to discover your inner entrepreneur

September - December 2015
Madrid Campus


The programme

The option Entrepreneurship is an experiential journey. A total immersion into the entrepreneurship universe
24/7 Pedagogy | Only 25% of your time spent in classrooms.

4 months - 5 projects to be realized in teams

Intensity of the programme

What you will learn

Why should you choose the entrepreneurship option


You will integrate the community of confirmed and passionate entrepreneurs, investors and facilitators of the Chair of Entrepreneurship ESCP Europe. This strong and sustainable (for life) network will help you develop successfully your projects in Madrid, Paris, Europe and in the world.


You will develop an entrepreneur state of mind that will help you to create your own company or find a job that meets your expectations.


You will develop the crucial knowledge, skills and methodologies to develop projects.

ESCP Europe certificate

Your success in the programme will be validated by an ESCP Europe Certificate.

They made it

“ The Societal Entrepreneurship option was really life changing to me. It opened us up to new ways of thinking and increased our confidence on our ability to achieve the unachievable with very limited resources.” Andrea Acerbi, Italian, Designer background. Class of 2013

“These months for me were a very rich, life-changing experience. The projects we were involved in, combined with the people I met, the places I visited, the moment made of this first quarter of the year, an unforgettable period of my life.” Angelica Escobar, Colombian, Psychologist background. Class of 2013

“This is unarguably the best and most relevant academic experience I have ever obtained.” Ankur Bansal, Indian, ESCP Europe student. Class of 2013

"The Option E has been my best time at ESCP Europe! I have met amazing people with different backgrounds and thanks to the “Learning by doing” method I have grown professionally and personally."Maylis Gourdault Montagne, French, ESCP Europe. Class of 2014


The team

They co-construct the programme :

Sylvain Bureau
Scientific Director Chair of Entrepreneurship ESCP Europe Professor at ESCP Europe & Ecole Polytechnique Entrepreneur

Jacqueline Fendt
Scientific Director Chair of Entrepreneurship ESCP Europe Professor, Entrepreneur & Business Angel

Caroline Ladousse
Executive Director Chair of Entrepreneurship ESCP Europe in Madrid Intrapreneur

Maeva Tordo
Head of ESCP Europe Incubators Intrapreneur

Peter Quinlan
Professor & Entrepreneur

Designer, Visual Artist & Entrepreneur

Olivier Pailhes
BCG Consultant turned into Tech Entrepreneur

Carlos Herrero
Associate Indra Business Consulting

Maria Angeles Quesada
Entrepreneur & Philosopher

Luis Angel Galindo Sanchez
Director of Innovation 2.0 Telefonica

Pierre Tectin
Visual Artist

Nast Marrero
Agile Coach & Lean Practitioner

Our partners

Patron of the Class 2015


ESCP Europe MBA Alumnus (ex. EAP), Founder & CEO of ASPGems, Agustín Cuenca has been an entrepreneur in the Internet sector since 1987. Agustin is passionate of how technology changes the way we communicate and educate. As a key actor of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Spain, an expert of the Internet sector and a dedicated mentor for startups, Agustin will share his expertise, experience and passion to the students of the Option Societal Entrepreneurship 2015 as a Patron of the promotion.


They coach, accompany and support students-entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial project

Agustin Cuenca
Internet Entrepreneur

Peter Quinlan
Lean startup Professor & Entrepreneur

Designer, Visual Artist & Entrepreneur

Laure Helfgott
Executive coach

David Morizot
Trade Marketing Director at Lactalis Iberia

Pascal Bourbon
Venture Capitalist

Maeva Tordo
Startup coach & Event Creator

Caroline Ladousse
Intrapreneur & Event Creator